Nine-tailed demon foxEdit

The nine-tailed demon fox (九尾の妖狐Kyūbi no Kitsune?) is the most powerful of the tailed beasts and regarded as an age-old natural disaster, as a single swipe of one of its tails can raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. Many tried to capture the Nine Tails, the Gold and Silver Brothers among those who failed yet ingested enough of the monster's chakra from their near death experience to be as powerful as it, before Konoha obtained the beast for their own. However, twelve years before the start of the series, Madara broke the seal on the previous jinshuriki, Kushina Uzamaki, and the fox attacked Konohagakure before being stopped by the Fourth Hokage, who gave his life to seal the fox into his son with Kushina, Naruto Uzumaki.[84] Throughout the series, after a couple isolated incidents of falling under its influence during heated battles, Naruto tries to gain dominance over the fox and harness its great strength to perform jutsu that would normally be impossible for a ninja of his age.[99] At the same time the fox tries to gain control over Naruto, provoking his rage and thus allowing its violent personality to influence and consume him. As the seal would break if Naruto uses all fox's chakra, nearly occurring by Pain mortally wounding Hinata before him,[116] Naruto manages to subdue the fox completely with help from Kushina, gaining full control over the chakra as a result. In the Japanese anime, its seiyū is Tesshō Genda, and in the English adaptation the fox is voiced by Paul St. Peter.[105][106}