Killer BeeEdit

Killer Bee (キラービーKirābī?) is a ninja from the village of Kumogakure. He is introduced during Part II as one of the two hosts that have yet to be captured by the criminal organization Akatsuki, the other being series protagonist Naruto Uzumaki.[117] The host of the ushi-oni-like eight-tailed beast, Killer Bee has complete control over the beast sealed within him. In battle he uses its great strength to increase the lethality of his professional wrestling-styled attacks.[118] He is also a talented swordsman capable of using up to eight swords at once and to execute attacks that are improvisible enough to render Sasuke's sharingan useless.[117] Killer Bee is the brother of A (エーĒ?), the current Raikage of Kumogakure, and as such is expected to be the guardian of the village. When Akatsuki attacks him, he pretends to be captured to escape this job and pursue a career as an enka music singer.[119] His seiyū in the Japanese anime is Hisao Egawa, and his English voice actor is Reno Wilson.

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